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Publishing  Services

Content TransTech provides superior Publishing Services which comprise of design, production and art & illustration, photo research & permissioning services to educational as well as trade publishers across the globe.

At Content TransTech, we have a great team of experienced and skilled resources and this enables us to deliver Publishing requirements of our clients in the best possible manner with a strong focus on quality of deliverables and schedule adherence.


Our highly skilled and experienced team has been working extensively on both books and journals for over 1.5 decades now.

  • We do page composition for books of every age, every grade, every subject, Pre-K and Kindergarten through Middle School and High School.

  • We have expertise in varied subject areas such as Reading, Language Arts (ELA), Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, Foreign Languages, and more.

  • We have done page composition for academic journals on varied subjects/topics such as social studies, cultural and media studies, film studies, visual art, performing art as well as some scientific and technological topics.

You can trust us to deliver excellence in publishing services.

Our gamut of services comprise of the following.

  • Graphic Design for textbooks, trade books, supplemental materials and multimedia

  • Page Composition and Production Services for both books and journals

  • Technical Art , Creative Illustrations

  • 2D/3D Digital Animation (HTML5/Powerpoint)

  • Photo research and Photo Permissions

  • Conversion services: XML, PDF, E-PUB

  • PDF to MS-Word Conversion and formatting

  • On-time and On-budget Project Management

Design Prototype Development & Implementation


Our design team brings together a diverse blend of styles and perspectives, coupled with a thorough understanding of the educational publishing market specific to various countries. Our design team will deliver a program that will delight teachers and students alike. Our complete educational publishing design services include:

  • Primary design (PreK–G5)

  • Secondary design (G6–G12)

  • Higher Ed book design

  • Ancillary program book design

  • Book cover design

  • Chapter prototype design

  • Frontmatter and backmatter design

  • Packaging design

  • e-Books design

Whether you need a textbook cover design or an entire textbook program, ABC Technologies will create a unique look that will stand out in the marketplace and set you apart from the competition.


Production (Page Composition & Layout)

Production has come a long way. It's not just textbooks anymore! We've developed an arsenal of techniques for everything from dynamic page composition to e-Learning and e-Books. We know how to keep a streamlined workflow, all geared toward achieving the consistency and efficiency that complex educational programs demand. We have expertise and experience in


  • InDesign CC

  • K4 Publishing System

  • Woodwing

  • TeX & LaTeX

  • Custom scripting

  • Preflighting

  • XML and NIMAS tagging

  • File archiving

Complete Page Composition

Fast, affordable, and efficient, our textbook composition will pass any preflight test you can throw our way. From a single booklet to a multi-volume textbook series or an online delivery system, our team is ready to handle all of your production needs. Take a look at some recent samples of our work in the textbook portfolio.

Artwork & Illustrations (Technical Art & Creative Illustrations)

Whether you are looking for stylistic renderings, informational graphics, scientific and technical artwork or animation, our illustrators will deliver the right touch. We have created thousands of pieces of art for major textbook programs—for every grade level and every discipline. Our illustration capabilities include:


  • Primary illustration (PreK–G5)

  • Secondary illustration (G6–G12)

  • Technical Art

  • Charts and Graphs

  • Infographics

  • Creative Art & Illustrations of varied styles

We offer the unmatched flexibility of digital illustrations (both raster and vector), as well as the unmistakable look of traditional reflective illustration. Take a look at our illustration portfolio and see for yourself. Whatever your style, from high-tech to hand-drawn, we can meet your project requirements, budget and turnaround time.



Digital Media

Our editors and instructional designers create customized whiteboard activities for all grade levels. Covering a wide variety of subject areas, these activities reinforce standards taught in the classroom. These bright, colorful and interactive programs are carefully designed to provide an engaging and fun- learning environment.


Our services include:


  • Research and Development, brainstorming, and prototype development

  • Storyboarding and scriptwriting

  • Art, design, and production

  • Character design and animation

  • Design and development of interactive games

  • Interactive whiteboard lessons

  • HTML5 animations

  • Game-based learning

Our team of instructional designers, animators, subject matter experts, image/video/audio researchers, and programmers has extensive experience in building teaching and learning products.

Photo Research, Permissioning & Procurement

Dealing with the requirements of photographs in various books, especially in a textbook program is a complex and specialized undertaking. That’s why you need the highly proficient and experienced team of photo researchers and photo editors at ABC Technologies. We can handle Photo Research, Permissioning & Procurement for any project with any given scope and discipline. We engage and collaborate with various photo repositories, government agencies, subject matter experts, authors, editors and designers and effectively accomplish this highly specialized set of activities.


Our teams of instructional designers, book designers, animators, subject matter experts, image/video/audio researchers, and HTML5 programmers have extensive experience in building curriculum-based teaching and learning products.


iBooks Author Development


Textbooks developed in iBooksAuthor offer a gorgeous, full-screen experience comprising of interactive diagrams, maps, photos, quiz and videos. ABC Technologies has collaborated with a number of publishers to create beautifully designed pages and bring those designs to life with interactive content. Our services include:


  • Template development

  • Design and layout

    • Interactive imager (with pan-zoom feature)

    • Interactive galleries (swipe through an entire collection of interactive and related photos)

    • Chapter reviews (with multiple-choice questions)

    • Keynote presentation

    • HTML5 and 3D animations

    • Glossary terms

  • Assets and widgets creation

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