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Content Conversion & Digitization

XML Services

We convert content and transform legacy documents to create electronic documents for Web publishing and in the preparation for future technology. We have worked on numerous digitization projects and have devised unique platforms based on both the source material and the required digital output.


We convert all types of legacy documents, word documents, scanned images, PDFs etc. into XML, SGML, HTML, and other structured formats. Our project teams work collaboratively with publishers, libraries, and professional media companies to help them to move efficiently from traditional environments to digital file-based workflows, thus reducing their production and operational costs while maintaining their operating margins.


NIMAS (National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard ) helps to increase the availability and quick delivery of printed educational materials in accessible formats to blind or other persons with reading disabilities in the K–12 educational publishing domain in the US.


The NIMAS outlines a set of consistent and valid XML-based source files to be created by K–12 curriculum publishers or other content producers. We help publishers convert their materials to the NIMAS standard. Files can then be delivered via various types of media—CD-ROMs, DVDs, PDFs, application files, Web sites, etc.


The following are examples of such workflows:

  • Convert Word/PDF book file to a NIMAS XML/NIMAS XHTML file

  • Generate NIMAS-compliant XML files in book publishing workflow

  • Create NIMAS-compliant Web sites

  • Create NIMAS-compliant mobile XHTML files




We actively support the DAISY vision to promote international standards and technologies. We offer DAISY conversion services and workflows to our clients as per their requirement to enable equal access to information and knowledge by all people with reading disabilities, which also benefit the wider community.

Complying with DAISY requires converting file sets to one or the other of the DAISY standards. DTBs produced are in and of themselves independent of the distribution medium, that is, the digital master file can be archived and may also be distributed on currently available media such as CDs or DVDs. As technology advances and digital media distribution methods evolve, these books can be distributed via the newly developed media or system.


We assist publishers in converting their print/electronic media to NIMAS 1.1/DAISY/DTBook-compliant format using our proprietary workflows. Our services also include delivering the NIMAS file set to the NIMAC engine.


Data Capture

We convert hardcopy/ scanned pages/PDFs to fully searchable XML, and also provides digital conversion from native formats such as Microsoft Word and Excel. We offer cost-effective solutions for repurposing your content and maximizing its e-publishing potential. Analyzing specific business needs of our valued customers, our business managers can create a customized service package for customized solutions comprising of one or more services such as

  • Data Capture, Indexing and Transcription

  • Scanning (From Hard Copies, Microfilms, Microfiche)

  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

  • Form/Document Digitization

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